Our story

DeAnthony and a friend were walking through New York City carrying a heavy load of books when they thought there had to be a better way. Why wasn't there a place they could lay down their load and enjoy their visit without worrying about whether their things would be there when they returned? A conveniently located storage locker would have been perfect, but there wasn't one available.

A few months later, DeAnthony and Navarre met at Startup Weekend Roanoke and started working on how to bring convenient storage solutions to the masses. Using customer discovery techniques learned at the conference, they were able to eke out what was important in storage for people on the move.

PacMül's mission is to bring storage to the places you need it most so you can go on with your day and don't have to fret about whether your things will be there when you return. We are bringing cellphone lockers to courthouses right now so keep an eye out for PacMül storage in your area!

The Team

DeAnthony Pierce (Air Force Veteran, Certificate of Entrepreneurship & A.A.S. Business Management - Virginia Western)

Navarre Bartz (B.S. Ceramic Engineering - Missouri S&T, M.Eng. Materials Science and Engineering - Virginia Tech)


Can I get the lockers in another color?

The lockers come in any color you want as long as it's blue. We want our lockers to be a friendly place to lock up your things and not a drab lockbox in the corner you'd be afraid to go near.

Do the lockers come with a stand?

All PacMül lockers come stands included. As an added bonus, all courthouse lockers are freestanding should you need to reposition them.

Contact Us

Get in touch with us at info@pacmul.com or call us on the phone at (540) 632-8756 to see how we can help you to find the best storage solution for your location!